Living in Florida has its perks; there’s no doubt about that. But because of our warmer temperatures year-round, we still have to contend with different types of pests. Your Panama City pest control professionals deal with them constantly, even in the winter.

Knowing who your enemy is is half the battle. Let’s talk about what types of pests you might see in Florida for the next few months.

Common Winter Pests in Florida

There are several pests that you should be looking out for this winter. They are:

* Cockroaches – These pests are carriers of diseases and bacteria. They’re also cold-blooded, which means they seek out warmer places to live during the winter months. The fact that holiday parties are the norm doesn’t help matters any because that just gives them more places to find food.

* Rodents – Rats and mice are very common in Florida. But as the temperatures drop, they start looking for places to hide out that are nice and warm. Your home offers the perfect solution.

* Ticks – This might seem like an odd one for this list. But a lot of homeowners unknowingly bring ticks inside when they bring their plants inside. These pests spread diseases like Lyme disease.

* Silverfish – Silverfish aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they can cause a lot of damage to your personal belongings. They enjoy the moistness of basements and bathrooms.

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