Silverfish may sound like something that should be on the menu at a seafood restaurant, but the truth is less pleasant. Our Panama City pest control experts share facts you should know about this annoying household invader.

Physical Characteristics of Silverfish

While silverfish prefer moist areas, they’re actually insects. The name refers to their light grey scales as well as their wiggling, fish-like movements. Silverfish are generally one-half to one inch in length and have a tapered abdomen that further contributes to the fish comparison.

As silverfish lack wings, they travel across the ground only. Their speed enables them to outrun predators such as spiders and centipedes, but silverfish are limited to horizontal surfaces because they have no additional appendages allowing them to scale walls.

What Makes Silverfish Pests?

Silverfish are found throughout most areas of the world, favoring humid regions such as Florida. They can live up to eight years and molt between 17 and 66 times over their lifespan, sometimes as much as 30 times in a single year.

L. saccharina, the species name of silverfish, derives from their carbohydrate-based diet. In addition to food, silverfish feed on other items containing starches and dextrin, including books, carpet, paper, glue and hair. Silverfish do not transmit disease, but they’re considered pests because they contaminate food and cause property damage.

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