Rats aren’t always scurrying around on the ground near homes in the Panama City area. In fact, you might need to look up to see some of them. Climbing roof rats are one of the more common rodent species that Panama City pest control experts deal with.

Climbing Roof Rat Appearance

Climbing roof rats differ from their cousins, Norway rats, in a few ways. They’re smaller in size, with adults measuring up to eight inches long in body length. They also have a tail that is longer than the length of their body and head overall. Roof rats typically weigh between five and nine ounces, although they can measure up to 12 ounces. These rats also have darker fur than Norway rats, as well as a more pointed snout and larger ears and eyes.

Behavior of Climbing Roof Rats

One of the most noticeable signs that roof rats are around is where you see them. These rats tend to stay in higher places, such as trees and roofs, compared to Norway rats that typically remain on or close to the ground. Roof rats have excellent climbing skills, which makes it easy for them to get inside attics. Roof rats can carry disease, contaminate your food and cause damage to your home. It’s important to let the professionals handle roof rat infestations to ensure that these rodents are thoroughly eliminated.

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