As we have previously discussed in our blog, bed bugs have rebounded from near eradication in the United States to become a legitimate concern for travelers throughout the country. We will sum up the three steps for checking your hotel room for bed bugs below.

Checking Your Room and Thwarting Bed Bugs

  • Check the bed and furniture before you unpack so as to protect your luggage from infestation.
  • Check in the cracks around the headboard of the bed and even under the mattress for telltale signs that the bugs are present. Most signs are visible to the eye, but you can also tell they are there from their molted shells and/or tiny red spots on the sheets.
  • Keep suitcases closed and on a hard surface. Bed bugs will occasionally move over a hard floor, but they don’t climb a smooth, vertical surface very easily. If they’re regularly fed then they tend to keep to their comfort zone.

Contact your Panama City Pest Control Experts

If you’re worried you’ve brought any of these hitchhiking pests home with you, then toss your clothes in the dryer at high heat to kill those unwanted guests.

If the problem persists then contact your Panama City pest control experts at Arrow Pest Services. We have decades of dealing with pest problems and our technicians have the skills and equipment to help you. With state of the art extermination systems at our disposal, we will eliminate bed bugs, giving you peace of mind.