The south is known for many things, but unfortunately, humidity is one of them. While most people find the dampness to be a nuisance, it can be much worse. One of our most damaging pests loves damp climates.


According to the article, they cause over $5 billion in damage annually. Unfortunately, that damage isn’t usually covered by insurance, which can leave a homeowner in a bad spot.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Check your foundations for mud tubes, wood damage, and droppings.

Mud tubes are the termites’ super-highway. They provide access from the termite nest to the feeding grounds in your house. They can be found singly or in clusters. Either way, they represent potential damage to your home.

Wood damage can be easy to spot, but not always. Even if you can’t see the damage, you can hear it. Knock on wood and listen for a hollow sound that will let you know the termites have moved in and are tunneling through the wood. The best places to look for their damage are in exposed wood that would give the termites the easiest access.

The last giveaway is droppings. Look for little pellets in areas you suspect of termite infestation.

Find the Best Panama City Pest Control

If you think you have termites, call the professionals. Contact your Panama City pest control specialists at Arrow Pest Services today. They’ll send the termites packing.