It may still be February, but yellow fly season is just around the corner. Hitting their peak breeding season in May and June, yellow flies start coming out to feast as soon as the weather slips into spring.

How do you prepare?

There are several ways to prevent and cull the swarms and if you happen to find yourself covered in itchy, little bites there are several home remedies that can save you.


The easiest way to avoid the nuisance of yellow fly swarms is to call your local pest control agency and schedule an appointment to get rid of these pests before they can even start.

For home remedies, it pays to know where the yellow flies congregate. They don’t like direct sunlight and tend to congregate in shady, foliage-heavy areas. These areas are a good place to start for controlling their population.

The use of non-toxic sticky traps is another way to kill off these pests without harming other wildlife or your pets.

Dealing With the Aftermath

Yellow fly bites aren’t life-threatening, but they can be annoying. Here are a few remedies to help get rid of the itch:

• Vinegar Bath

• Prep-H w/ aloe

• Benadryl Stick

• Witch Hazel

• Cortisone Cream

Prevention is the Best Medicine – Panama City Pest Control

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