Spring is just around the corner. In fact, you may already have shed the jackets and long pants that were your regular wardrobe during the cooler months. Unfortunately, as you’re beginning to embrace the sun’s rays, so too are the insects that have been lying dormant through the winter.

Florida is native to a wide variety of pesky bugs, but here are a few that stand out in the crowd:

• Palmetto Bugs – while the term is often blanketed over all cockroaches, the American cockroach is more likely to infest your home.

• Termites – seeking exposed wood, a colony can cause massive damage to your home and lead to costly repair bills.

• Chinch Bugs – seeking grass roots, these bugs will leave your home alone while carving wide swaths through your lawn.

Carpenter Ants – similar to termites, these insects infest damp and damaged wood. They can cause serious structural damage before you even know they’re in your home.

• Mosquitoes – breeding in standing water, these pesky bugs might not seem bad in the spring, but they should be eliminated early.

• Wasps, Yellow jackets, & Bees – the least damaging of this group, stinging insects are nonetheless a painful nuisance to most homeowners.

A Call to Your Panama City Pest Control Experts Now Will Save Headaches Later

It’s always in your best interest to touch base with Arrow Pest Services as spring approaches. As leading Panama City pest control experts they have the tools at their disposal to make sure insects aren’t something you have to worry about.