Carpenter ants or termites? Not a choice any homeowner wants to face, but knowing which is which is an important factor in Panama City pest control. Here’s a look at how to identify these two common household insects.

Physical Characteristics of Carpenter Ants vs. Termites

At first glance, swarming carpenter ants and termites appear similar. Upon closer examination, the differences are more apparent.

Termites have bodies that are broad across their entire length, while carpenter ants have nipped-in waists.

• Wings on termites are all the same length as opposed to carpenter ants, where the front set is longer than the back set. The tips of termite wings also tend to be rounded. In contrast, carpenter ant wings are more pointed.

• Termites have straight antennae. On carpenter ants, the antennae are bent, forming right angles on either side of the head.

• Carpenter ants, which can reach 1/2-inch in length, are usually larger than termites.

Is Your Home Safe?

If your home is harboring carpenter ants, the good news is they won’t excavate solid wood like termites do. The bad news is they will burrow into wood that’s already compromised by exposure to moisture. This could include porches, decks, door frames and window sills.

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