The conehead termite is a species of termite that was once thought to be eradicated from the United States. But in 2003, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services reported that it was back after several were spotted in Broward County. Today, they remain a problem, and it’s important for homeowners to know as much about them as possible. Your Panama City pest control experts are here to help.

What are Conehead Termites?

They came to the United States from the Caribbean region and were originally called “tree termites” because of the fact that they make their nests in trees. Their name was changed because homeowners learned that they were also a threat to their homes.

Other types of termites travel by using tunnels that they build either underground or up the sides of structures. But the conehead termite travels more like an ant travels, directly on the ground.

Signs of Conehead Termites

It can be easy to miss the signs of conehead termites if you’re not sure what to look for. Some of the signs include:

• Nests, which are usually built out in the open, or possibly in trees.

• Finding their tunnels, which are much wider than those of other types of termites.

• Seeing theese oddly-shaped conehead termites.

Talk to Your Panama City Pest Control Specialists About Conehead Termites

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