Ants are the common barbeque and indoor pest, causing a stir and accumulating quite quickly when lured by their favorite foods. Fire ants are the most common in Panama City and have a serious sting! However, these are not the only species to watch out for this upcoming Spring and Summer.

For homeowners, identifying the type of ant can be the savior of your home for the season. And Panama City pest control experts are here to help you identify and get rid of them.

Signs of Ants

Ants forage for food in groups and follow each other one by one when traveling to and from their colony and where food is located. Species that are more indigenous to Panama City will most likely congregate in moist soil, mulch, wood or concrete areas. Places such as:

• The soil in your yard (front or back)

• Wooded areas of your house

• Patio or sidewalk

• Wooded areas where termites have chewed in the past

• Burrowing in your soil (an indication of a colony)

Ways To Prevent An Ant Infestation

By checking the above vulnerable areas of your home. Another way to prevent the establishment of ant colonies is by making sure you aren’t leaving food in or around of your home. Ants are especially attracted to sweet foods (honeydew, sugars, fruits, etc.) and will be lured if they find these food sources.

When To Call Your Panama City Pest Control Specialists?

If you currently have an ant infestation, the sooner they are knocked out the better, and we can help you eliminate them! To receive a complete inspection Contact us today!