Wasps are among the most feared insects in Florida because of their ability to sting repeatedly without dying. Even so, they are still quite useful for pollination, but that does not make them any less scary. If you think you might have a wasp problem on your property, it’s important to know as much about them as possible. Your Panama City pest control experts are here to help.

Common Wasps in Florida

The paper wasp is one of the most common types in Florida. They are smaller in size, and only get up to about an inch long. They are usually reddish-brown or black, and they have yellow markings on their abdomens. These are the wasps that go after “sweets and meats” at picnics.

The cicada killer is a wasp that can get up to two inches long and they have yellow stripes on black bodies. They nest individually and are known to sting if they are provoked or if they feel threatened in any way.

How to Deal With Wasps: Advice From Your Panama City Pest Control Professionals

Understanding wasp behavior is the key when you’re dealing with these pests. Stay a safe distance away from nest areas and remain calm when you happen across a wasp. They may not sting if they don’t feel you are a threat, and panicking is more likely to cause them to become aggressive.

Wasp nests need to be dealt with professionally. Contact your Panama City pest control professionals for help!