Carpenter bees have made their appearance, and their presence can be a bit shocking. These bees are quite large, and they tend to hover around people’s homes. They get their name from the way they carve through wood, which is where they raise their babies.

When you come across carpenter bees, you’ll notice their “dive-bombing” behavior, which can be startling, even to seasoned Panama City pest control experts. Today we’re going to talk about why they do that, and if you truly have a reason to be concerned.

Should You Fear Carpenter Bees’ Dive-Bombing Behavior?

In a word, no. Most of the time, the carpenter bees you’ve come across have most likely been males, which are not capable of stinging. But they appear to know that their presence can be intimidating. You may have seen them hovering right in front of you or seen them dive-bombing in the air. They’re only protecting their nesting sites, and they could also be displaying their mating behaviors.

On the other hand, female carpenter bees can deliver a painful sting. But they usually don’t unless they feel threatened by people or someone tries to handle them. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be concerned about having them on your property. They can be a nuisance, and your Panama City pest control specialists can help you remove them.

Do You Need Panama City Pest Control for Your Carpenter Bee Problem?

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