Termites are valuable members of the ecosystem, but when it comes to homes, the opposite is true. Our FL pest control experts share tips for avoiding a termite infestation that could cause extensive structural damage to your home.

Types of Termites

Eastern subterranean termites are the primary species found in Florida. They nest below ground and access food sources through their mud tubes, so damage may occur before You are even aware of the problem.

• Drywood termites are not native to Florida, but they made their way into our state via transported wooden objects, such as furniture and crates. This species burrows directly into wood to build their nests.

Tips to Avoid Termite Infestations

• Promptly remove dead trees and stumps in your yard.

• Regularly inspect any wood-to-ground contact points around your home where termites may gain access. Possible sites include door frames, deck posts and support beams. In addition, remove any standing water around these areas.

• Avoid spreading mulch where it meets siding or foundation.

• Install termite shields, which are panels made of a non-corroding metal and placed along a home’s foundation.

• If you suspect the presence of termites, contact the professionals at Arrow Pest Control.

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