As if termites eating your house weren’t enough to worry about, now we have two species of carpenter ants to deal with. Fortunately, the Florida Carpenter Ant does not nest in undamaged wood. Instead, it seeks out already compromised structures.

But therein lies the problem, how to tell the difference between the Florida Carpenter Ant and the other breeds of ants that call Florida home.

Black Carpenter Ants are easy to distinguish from their native, wood-eating cousins based on color. However, they will attack undamaged wood and seek to nest within the safety of homes and trees.

Other household ants (Fire, Crazy, Ghost, & Pharoah) have distinct color differences from the two-toned black and brown of the Florida Carpenter Ant. These ants do not live in or carve out wood, although they will use existing gaps and tunnels in wood to travel.

A common misconception about carpenter ants is that they eat wood. In fact, they simply carve out small, sawdust sized granules that they deposit outside their nests.

Regardless of the type of carpenter ant, if you find yourself with an infestation on your hands, call your Panama City pest control experts at Arrow Pest Services to find the best solution for your problem. If left untreated, the problem will grow to the point where carpenter ants will cause thousands of dollars in damages.

Get ahead of your problems and call the Panama City pest control specialists who will fix your problems before they turn into savings-draining remodeling projects.