How do you tell which kinds of ants you have? This is important because there are at least five common ant species in Florida. Your Panama City ant exterminator will need to identify these pests and use the correct control method depending on the species.

Five Common Ants in Panama City

Entomologists at the University of Florida have identified five species as the most common ants around here:

Carpenter Ant: We have several species of Florida carpenter ant that are typically red and black. They chew up wood to form a nest but eat other things for food.

Crazy Ant: Known to wreak havoc by chewing up electronics and wiring in addition to being annoying in general.

Fire Ant: Noticeable by their reddish color, dirt mounds, and itchy bites.

Ghost Ant: Named for their pale white legs and abdomen, the ghost ant has a black head and torso.

Pharaoh Ant: Pharaoh ants are tiny and either yellow or red. The colony has multiple queens, so they can splinter into multiple colonies and expand rapidly.

Our Panama City ant exterminators occasionally see another species, the acrobat ant. They have a habit of sticking their rear end up in the air when defensive.

Get Help from a Panama City Ant Exterminator

Ant control methods include baits, sprays, and traps. A given species might prefer protein, sugar, or fat, so it helps to get an inspection by an experienced Panama City ant exterminator.

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