All ants may look alike from a distance, but there are approximately 10,000 species throughout the world. Fortunately, only a few of those are found in Florida, Here’s a look at the species that are most often the target of Panama City ant control.

Types of Ants in Panama City

• Carpenter ants are one of the more widely known species. Sometimes referred to as bull ants, this species is fairly large and usually has red and black coloring. Despite common misconceptions, carpenter ants don’t eat wood, but they do hollow out wood to make their nests.

• While they’re more annoying than scary, ghost ants get their name from the pale coloring of their back half and legs. Ghost ants prefer moist areas but sometime nest behind baseboards or in cabinets.

• The bodies of fire ants are black or red, and they’re distinguished by their copper-brown heads. Some fire ants build dome-shaped mounds over their nest if natural cover isn’t sufficient. Fire ant bites carry toxic venom that’s painful to humans, especially those who are particularly sensitive to such poisons.

Caribbean crazy ants are golden-brown to reddish-brown in color with a high-gloss sheen on the body surface. The name is a reference to their quick, erratic movements and meandering trails.

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