Mosquito Prevention Services

Don’t fear outdoor activities anymore. Gain peace of mind today!.







Arrow Pest has affordable and proven mosquito services solutions to keep those annoying pests away!

There is no better way to control mosquitoes than a thorough application and spray to the yard, trees, bushes, and shrubs by a trained Arrow Pest Service mosquito specialist.

For years, mosquitoes and other biting insects have kept us indoors. There were no alternatives for extended control. Arrow Pest Service understands how important it is to spend quality time outdoors, not worrying about being bitten by mosquitoes, flies, and no-see-ums. These uninvited guests are not only bothersome, but they expose your family and pets to several dangerous diseases.

Barrier Treatment

Here at Arrow, we offer the most state of the art, effective programs in the industry in an effort to provide all of our customers with the best possible treatment solutions for their property. Every month, we will fog your property to control disease-carrying mosquitoes, no-see-ums, yellow flies, ticks and other annoying pests. This is absolutely the most effective treatment to control biting flies and protect your family and pets from diseases like Zika Virus, WestNile Virus, Lyme Disease, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, and Malaria.

Event Treatment

Arrow’s one-time mosquito treatments are great for family reunions, holiday gatherings, weddings, pool parties, and backyard get-togethers. Several days before, and again the day prior, we will visit your event location and apply a specifically formulated treatment to the location of your special event. Our solution is applied with a backpack blower that mists the areas to be protected. This guarantees that your family and friends won’t be bothered by those pesky mosquitoes. Prices start as low as $85! Give us a call today and we will help you determine your best treatment option!

Mosquito Fog Treatments

Arrow Pest Service offers Mosquito Fog treatments to suit your family’s needs.  Our trained mosquito technicians will treat your home and property so your family can reclaim your outdoor living.

Mist Away Mosquito Protection

Arrow Pest Service is offering a fully automatic mosquito control system, the “Mosquito Mist Away System,” which has proven to be effective in the control of mosquitoes and other flying insects. Each of our systems is custom-designed and professionally installed and serviced.

Mosquitoes have been linked to several diseases over the years. The most noted are malaria, yellow fever, St. Louis encephalitis and West Nile. These diseases usually occur in young children or older adults but can affect people of all ages. There’s also a threat of secondary infection due to scratching the mosquito bite or from allergic reactions to the bite.

Mosquitoes usually lay their eggs on the damp soil around thick vegetation. As many as 100 million eggs per acre have been found in sod samples. These eggs can remain dormant for months. As soon as the eggs become flooded with water, the embryos start to develop. The time to develop from this stage to an adult varies depending on the mosquito species and climate.

The Mosquito Mist Away System is the best automated misting system available today. It was designed to dramatically reduce biting insect populations in both residential and commercial applications. This effective control of mosquitoes and other biting insects creates a comfortable and enjoyable environment year-round.

Whether you’ll be outside swimming, grilling, gardening, or simply sitting on the patio, the Mosquito Mist Away System will dramatically reduce biting insects so that you can enjoy these activities without worrying about fighting off insects.

Mist Away Installation

Our trained technicians will custom design a Mosquito Mist Away EFA System to meet the needs of your home.

We’ll professionally install the system around your home’s perimeter.

Precision nozzles, connected by nylon tubing, will be installed on outer eaves, fence lines, and any other structures to create a treatment zone.

You’ll be able to enjoy your yard 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long with your new insect control system.

State of the art components

Pyrethrum is a botanical insecticide extracted from the Chrysanthemum plant family. It’s found mainly in tiny, oil containing glands on the surface of the seed case of the flower head.

Pyrethrum is made up of six complex chemical esters known as pyrethrins which work in combination to repel and kill insects. It has been used effectively worldwide to control mosquitoes and other bothersome insects for decades.

Our recommended products are free of allergens, cause no adverse reproductive effects, are non-carcinogenic, and have a low acute toxicity to humans and other vertebrate animals. These products are water-based, which allows them to be biodegradable. They won’t leave a residue on surfaces, and they won’t cause phototoxicity (plant burn).